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default vs. named ES6 exports

| javascript | 4 minute read

What started as a desire to tree shake my code with Webpack, ended up with some insight into a couple different ways to use `import`/`export`

What is the `Arguments` object?

| javascript | 5 minute read

That hidden object in a non-arrow function that contains everything that was passed in...

Passing arguments to a function

| javascript | 8 minute read

I've been exploring two different ways of passing arguments to a function. Here's what I've found.

Netlify FTW 🎉

| javascript, netlify | 2 minute read

And why Netlify is my favourite hosting tool out there (at the moment).

`git cherry-pick`

| git | 4 minute read

Here's how to move some commits from one branch to another.

`git reset`

| git | 4 minute read

Have you ever commited something unintentionally? If you have, this is the git command you might be looking for.